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Autori: Krisla, M.; Kozak, D.; Celebic, A.
Naslov: Influence of the mini-dental implants diameter on stress in the surrounding bone
Izvornik: Proceedings of the 8th International Scientific and Expert Conference TEAM 2016 / Maronek, Milan ; Barta Jozef (ur.). - Trnava : AlumniPress , 2016. 141-146 (ISBN: 978-80-8096-237-1).
Skup: 8th International Scientific and Expert Conference TEAM 2016
Mjesto i datum: Trnava, Slovačka, 19-21.10.2016
Ključne riječi: Edentulous jaws; Mandible; Maxilla; Mini - dental implant; Bending stress
In this paper was analyzed impact of positioning the mini - dental implants on the bending stress in edentulous jaws, because edentulism is very often problem today. As a solution to edentulism those that stand out the most are removable dentures for three or four osseous implants. The implants are at present most commonly made of titanium and its alloys because it is the type of material which is biofunctional, biocompatible and it is not subject to biodegradation. Knowing mechanical properties of bone and material is very important to prevent rejection or fracture of the implant or bone. Modeling toothless jaws and properly attributing the mechanical properties to bone is also a demanding job because from the mechanical point of view a bone is a composite material with different solid and liquid phases. Thus the structure of the bone tissue is complex, multi - phase, heterogeneous and anisotropic. In the solution of these problems Simpleware software was of great help. Using Finite element method (FEM) was determined the equivalent stress in the bone surrounding the implant. Stresses in the bone around the implant threads do not exceed 10 MPa. The maximum stress in the bone (40-50 MPa) appear around the neck of the implant, due to occlusal forces that bend the implant and thus apply additional strain to the bone. The results of stress are satisfactory. The stress analysis of the implant with a changed position, it was concluded that the stress was approximately equal, which means that only the positioning of implants and their position in the bone does not play a significant role. Applying the stress analysis for the mini - dental implants larger in diameter, it was concluded that the stress in the surrounding bone was reduced, around threaded implants, as well as around the implant neck.
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