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Autori: Boban, Marko; Laviano, Alessandro; Persic, Viktor; Biocina, Bojan; Petricevic, Mate; Zekanovic, Drazen; Rotim, Cecilija; Aleric, Ivan; Vcev, Aleksandar
Naslov: Influence of Transiently Increased Nutritional Risk on a Left Ventricle Myocardial Mass Assessed by Echocardiography
Izvornik: Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (0250-6807) 68 (2016), 3; 197-202
Vrsta rada: članak
Ključne riječi: Nutritional risk screening ; Cardiac cachexia ; NRS-2002 ; Echocardiography ; Left ventricle myocardial mass ; Devereux formula
Background/Aim: Metabolic derangements due to increased nutritional risk lead to catabolism and loss of proteins, muscle tissue and eventually mass of parenchymatous organs. The aim of our study was to assess whether transitory nutritional risk after heart surgery influences on the left ventricle myocardial mass (LVMM), assessed by echocardiography. Methods: Consecutive sample of patients scheduled for cardiovascular rehabilitation, in period 0-3 months after surgery. Nutritional risk screening (NRS) was analyzed using the NRS-2002 tool. Results: Study sample included 330 patients after heart surgery for ischemic 186 (56.4%) ; valvular 91 (27.6%) and valvular plus ischemic 53 (16.1%) heart disease. Age was 65.5 ± 10.6 (range 23-84) and there were more male patients than female - 240 (72.7%) and 90 (27.3%), respectively. The percentage of unintentional loss of weight was 10.8 ± 3.4%, in range 0-23.81%, whereas NRS-2002 was 4.4 ± 1.1. LVMM was 218.7 ± 65.9 g vs. 252.3 ± 51.7 (p = 0.015) ; for patients with increased nutritional risk and controls, respectively. There was no significant correlation of LVMM with NRS-2002, while the percentage of unintentional loss of weight displayed only weakly inverse correlation (Rho CC = -0.197 ; p = 0.007). LVMM also correlated significantly with body mass index (Rho CC = 0.247 ; p < 0.001) and waist-to-hip ratio (Rho CC = 0.291 ; p < 0.001). In conclusion, LVMM was found to decrease slightly in the period of increased nutritional risk, following heart surgery. Changes in LVMM are partially consequences of systemic catabolic response, as well as anthropometric changes due to unintentional loss of weight.
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DOI: 10.1159/000445301
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Google Scholar: Influence of Transiently Increased Nutritional Risk on a Left Ventricle Myocardial Mass Assessed by Echocardiography
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