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Autori: Ledić, Jasminka
Naslov: The European dimension in education in Croatia: a long way to go
Izvornik: Changing perspectives and approaches in contemporary teaching
Skup: 42nd ATEE Conference 2017
Mjesto i datum: Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 23-25.10.2017.
Ključne riječi: European dimension in education ; students ; educational specialists ; teachers
The recent challenges facing the European Union, which will influence its future, can be connected in part to the indicators which suggest that a sense of European identity among adults and young people is not shared by all and knowledge about the EU in the general population is limited. The European Parliament in the Resolution on Learning EU at school (2016) emphasises the importance of learning about EU in schools by implementing the concept of European dimension in education. The resolution highlights learning about EU in schools as its key component, and points out that the concept needs to be understood in a broader and deeper sense, as well as that its complex and dynamic nature should be acknowledged. The Resolution in particular promotes the measures pertaining to education and professional development of teachers, which would enable them to implement the European dimension in their work. The goal of this paper is to present the results of the research on the European dimension in education in Croatia, exchange experiences, and explore the possible approaches to resolving the challenges which have been detected at the national level, and are also present in the international environment. The results of the research on the European dimension in education in Croatia (conducted with students, educational specialists, and teachers) reveal a relatively low level of sensibility for, and familiarity with this area, and demand a serious consideration of the approaches to solutions at different levels of the educational system.
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Izvorni jezik: ENG
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Upisao u CROSBI: Marko Turk (, 1. Stu. 2017. u 10:24 sati

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