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Autori: Radnić, Jure; Baloević, Goran; Matešan, Domagoj
Naslov: The effect of plaster on the behavior of masonry- infilled steel frames under earthquake
( The effect of plaster on the behavior of masonry- infilled steel frames under earthquake )
Skup: 8th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting, ACE-X 2014
Mjesto i datum: Pariz, Francuska, 30.06.-03.07.2014
Ključne riječi: masonry-infilled frame ; plaster ; fibre-reinforcement ; shake-table ; earthquake
( masonry-infilled frame ; plaster ; fibre-reinforcement ; shake-table ; earthquake )
In this paper, 1/3 scaled, one bay, one storey masonry-infilled steel frames were experimentally tested on a shake-table. Rigid and flexible steel frame were considered separately. All frames were infilled with brick elements made of lightweight cellular concrete. Three types of masonry infill were considered: without plaster, with classical plaster on both sides and with reinforced plaster on both sides. All frames were exposed to set of ground motions of real earthquake, by successively increasing maximal amplitude in each applied excitation. Horizontal displacements and accelerations of the top of the frame, strains at the bottom of the steel column, as well as strains and crack states in the infill were measured for all tested specimens. All main results are illustrated graphically. Then, a brief description of previously developed numerical model for static and dynamic analysis of masonry-infilled steel frames is presented. In this paper, the model is upgraded to simulate the infill can be strengthened with unreinforced and reinforced plaster. This model has been verified by simulating the previously performed experimental tests. Finally, main conclusions of this research are given. It has been concluded that plaster, and especially reinforced plaster, has a quite contribution to the bearing capacity of masonry-infilled frame under earthquake, as reduces cracking zones in the masonry.
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Projekt / tema: 083-0000000-1538
Izvorni jezik: eng
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Upisao u CROSBI: Goran Baloević (, 5. Ožu. 2019. u 12:58 sati

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