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Members of the Croatian academic community create records describing their published and unpublished works in the Croatian National Bibliography CROSBI (record creators) and are responsible for the content, validity, completeness and accuracy of the entered data, including the information on authors, institutions, scientific areas and projects assigned to the record. To create a new record, logging in using AAI@EduHr account is needed. Record creators describe their publications using metadata. By saving records they agree that the saved metadata will be publicly available in accordance with the Creative Commons 4.0 license (BY-NC-SA).
Institutions that are part of the Croatian science and higher education system can get administrative rights to edit publication records that are associated with their institution in CROSBI by appointing an administrator at their institution. The administrator at the institution will be confirmed after the filled Request form for granting administrator's authorizations for the Croatian Scientific Bibliography – CROSBI is scanned and delivered to Please notice that the form should be signed by the authorized person at the Institution and stamped by the Institution. After it has been sent by e-mail, original copy of the request form should be send by post to the following address:

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Center for Scientific Information
Bijenička cesta 54
10000 Zagreb

All corrections and updates done by administrators should be done on the basis of available and objective facts, in accordance with the information contained in the publication (book, magazine, etc.) or available information about the publication, without analyzing the content and the scientific nature of administered publications. Record creators and administrators are obliged to act Record creators and administrators are obliged to act ethically, respecting copyright laws and at the same time respecting the privacy of individuals and their data when creating or updating records in CROSBI.
Ruđer Bošković Institute is not responsible for any possible mistakes or shortcomings in the records. However, RBI will aim to correct and/or complete them through its activities and collaboration with other academic and scientific libraries, in accordance with the available information about publications. All the corrections and interventions by the administrators are done in accordance with the objective facts at their disposal, without evaluation of the content quality or scientific nature of publications besides categorization made by the publisher. The responsibility for that aspect lies entirely on the creator of the record. Ruđer Bošković Institute and collaborating libraries retain the right to delete incomplete, incorrect and doubled bibliographic records.
Data from the Croatian National Bibliography CROSBI may be used without requesting permission from the Ruđer Bošković Institue. However, it is obligatory to give attribution to the source of data (e.g.: “The information retrieved from the Croatian National Bibliography - CROSBI, 18/10/2016, URL:"). Furthermore, providing links on the web pages of universities/departments/institutes which will display selected content (e.g. a bibliography of a institution, project, scientist etc.) retrieved from Croatian National Bibliography CROSBI is recommended. Metadata may be used freely unless stated otherwise, and the link to the original record must be provided.
Record creators can also add a file containing full-text of the publication described in a record. That file will be publicly available through CROSBI web pages. Record creators are obliged to ensure the right of archiving the full-text and making it publicly available. Ruđer Bošković Institute is not to be held responsible for possible copyright violations that might result from mentioned use of full-texts of publications. Ruđer Bošković Institute will aim to continuously advise and educate authors on relevant copyrights and licensing issues, in particular the rights of authors to self-archive full-texts of their publications.
Metadata contained in CROSBI records are systematically exchanged with related repositories, databases and digital archives in attempt to raise visibility and promote Croatian scientific production. Full-text files, once archived, are not to be downloaded for the purpose of further public distribution, except when stated otherwise. Controlled information on scientists, institutions and research projects are provided by the responsible authorities and institutions (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports; Croatian Science Foundation; European Commission, etc.).
Through its work CROSBI aims to protect the users by constantly improving system safety to prevent any possible attacks that might jeopardize it. This includes correspondence by e-mail (help(at) While exchanging data with other information systems, all necessary actions are undertaken to protect users privacy.